March 9th National Day of Action


Demand Justice for Tyre Nichols and Tortuguita, National Day of Action Against Police Terror March 9th #STOPCOPCITY, Rally, March, Civil Disobedience, Banner Drop, Teach-In, Black Woman with clenched fist, forest background
Calling all organizations, organizers, students and community members to join the call for a National Day of Action on March 9th to demand justice for the police murder of Tyrie Nichols in Memphis, #stopcopcity Forest Defender Tortuguita, and all others lost and impacted by police violence and terror.

Planned Actions

Racial Justice Alexandria

Alexandria, VA


Self-guided teach-in and video segement reflection posted to
Demand Justice for Tyre Nichols and Tortuguita, National Day of Action Against Police Terror March 9th #STOPCOPCITY,, King Center Amphitheater, 449 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta GA, 6:00 PM, Community Movement Builders logo, Black Alliance For Peace, logo, Black Voters Matter logo, Movement 4 Black Lives logo, Party for Socialism & Liberation, New Georgia Project logo, The Guild Logo, SURJ logo, Endsatte Atlanta logo, For a World Without Peace logo, Project South Logo



Rally & March-
King Center Amphitheater
449 Auburn Ave NE



Rally & March-Harvard Square T station
National Day of Action Against Police Terror, Demand Justice for Tyre Nichols and Tortuguita, March 9th #STOPCOPCITY Speakers, BLM BOSTON Collective Statement, Virtual Teach In 2-4PM, photo: Darren Mack, Dr. Ikemba Balanta, Tongo Eisen-Martin, & Dr. Charisse Burden-Stelly 2-4PM



Virtual Teach-In

Carbondale Committee to Stop Cop City

Carbondale, IL


Teach-In & March

Davies Gym
FROM CHI 2 ATL, 6:30PM Dinner 7:00PM teach-in, 7:30PM letterwriting, children and families welcome, please wear masks, masks provided if needed, donations encouraged, all donations go to ATL forest defenders, space has one single stall bathroom, ramp and air filters, PO Box Collective 6900 N Glenwood March 9, 6-830ish



6:30PM Dinner
7:00PM Teach-In
7:30PM Letter Writing



Candle Light Vigil-3700 Dixon Ave
Lunch Counter Strea, Hosted by Khery Fraizer & Yusef Bunchy Shakur, X Cop City, Against Police, Thursday March 9th, 1pm-3pm



Lunch Counter Livestream

Durham, NC


Two Banner Drops
National Day of Action Against Police Terror, Stop Cop City, defeat the war against Afrikan people in the u.s. and abroad, The Browser-Contee DC Police State & The Federal Green Light of Repression, A teach in about the impacts of police terror in the DC Metro area, March 9th 6-9PM, Black Workers and Wellness Center, 3500 Marten Luther King Jr Ave SE, Washington DC, Black Alliance for peace logo, Pan African Community Action logo, Community Movement Builders logo



Teach-In-March 9th & Banner Drop-March 10th 3PM
Demand Justice for Tyre Nichols and Tortuguita, National Day of Action Against Police Terror, Teach-IN, Glennwood Library, 1901 West Florida St, Multipurpose Room, Greensboro, NC, Questions contact (704)975-1662

Greensboro, NC


Virtual Teach-In

March 11th-Greenwood Library


Greenville, NC


Banner Drop

Jackson, MS


Teach-In-939 W. Capitol St

Kingston, NY


Protest-Wells Fargo 235 Fair St

black text "Decarcerate MEMPHIS" blue background, yellow strikethru



Banner Drop-March 4th
The Black Alliance For Peace Online Panel Discussion, Countering Colonial Policing in US Domestic ColoniesMarch 9, 2023 7-9PM,



Black Alliance for Peace Virtual Panel Discussion

New Orleans Youth Action Network

New Orleans


Benefit concert raising money for Forest Justice Defense Fund featuring local artists. $3 minimum donation.
Stop Cop City National Day of Action flyer, Thursday March 9, 2023. 4PM March and Rally, St Patrick's Cathedral NYC, 5th Ave & E 50th St



Rally, March, Direct Action-St. Patricks Cathedral (E 50th St & 5th Ave)
Demand justice, for Tyre Nichols and Tortuguita, National Day of Action Against Police Terror, March 9th, #STOPCOPCITY, Lunch n Learn, Live on Facebook, come learn about cop city and its connection to Alleghny County, PA

Pittsburgh, PA


Lunch n Learn-Live on Facebook



Banner Drop "END POLICE TERROR, HERE AND ABROAD - BLACK ALLIANCE FOR PEACE" in black, red and green paint
black background, white text "extinction rebellion philadelphia



Banner Drop

North American Climate, Conservation and Environment(NACCE)

Roosevelt, NY


Rally, March, Direct Action-location TBA
National Day of ActionThursday March 9th 5-6:30PM Centro Cultural DE LA RAZA 2004 Park BLVD, San Diego CA, Panel Discussion, Community Movement Builders logo

San Diego


Panel Discussion-Centro Cultural De La Raza

Skeleton Key Creativity



Making Political Art with foster care system involved young people at a group home facility



March-Burlington Calahan Park @Charlotte St.

Organization Endorsements

Black Text Red Green Black round logo with black image Red text black background, white text white background, orange box, orange text black background, gold text red text black text black circular text red circle white text RED MAP OF U.S. SOUTH WITH WHITE TEXT black text Pasifika Uprisingblack background, red text Black Rings with black text white background, black text blue background gold text "XR Delaware"black background, white text "extinction rebellion philadelphiablack background, white text "extinction rebellion" black text SF Baycircle with gold background and green text grey text green text SAN DIEGO 350 LOGO
Ikiya Collective-Honolulu
Oil & Gas Action Network
Lake Hill Townhomes Association-Steger, IL
Movement Strategy Center-Oakland
Carbondale Committee to Stop Cop City-Carbondale, IL
Greensboro People’s Freedom Assembly-NC
Malcolm X Center for Human Rights-Greenville, NC
National Lawyers Guild-National
Rising Majority-National
Pooja Gehi-Communty Member NYC
Laura Hayes-Community Member Fort Pierce, FL
DL Robinson-Community Member
Dr. Karla's Healthy Living-Community Member Baden, PA
Terra Advocati-Community Member San Antonio, TX
Lazarian & Maksoudian Inc-San Dimas, CA
SAFE Coalition-Charlotte, NC
Food Chain Workers Alliance-Los Angeles, CA
Yoga For Peace, Justice, Harmony With the Planet - Amazing Amy: Eccentric Yoga Entertainer-NY
Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement
Gun Violence Prevention-Boulder, CO
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
Association Droits et Citoyenneté-Tataouine, Tunisa
Unite North Metro Denver
ACT 4 SA-San Antonio

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